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Jun 9

I don’t believe Muslim is based or created as a terrorism religion. But the simple minded occult that call themselve Muslim are terrorist that kill innocent people. In thier bible it says kill one innocent man it kills all man kind (rephrased). But they twist shit. If you are Muslim be proud that’s your belief that isn’t mine. But if you are part of a Muslim occult (terrorist) fuck you. Stop blowing yourself up idiots there no promises when you kill innocent people. Only stateing your Bible might wanna reread it.

The 2nd Amendment


 Written By: J.M.A

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." 

The Bill of rights was made for a reason by our fore fathers. This way in short there can never be people of the United States have there rights taken or controlled by one person and or the government. There has been a long years of debates of the 2nd Amendment which is as stated clearly states “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” I am 100 % for that to bare arms and that no law should be passed to prevent that nor should there be any government, presidents and or Congress that violate our Constitution Rights. With that said I do see why criminals or I should say “Individuals” that commit crimes with weapons or violent crimes should have that right taken away. I am a convicted felon I forfeited my right to bare arms. I lost that right due to my lack at the time respect to the laws that are of our lands.

There are a lot of very tragic events in our time of age. The one that first got the nation and worlds attention the mass shooting at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo. Were in 1999 that took the lives and wounded students. Since that time there have been different school related shootings or copycats that have taken place both here in Our home and other Nations overseas.And as recently as last Friday started at 9:27 p.m. in Isla Vista near UC Santa Barbara that had left seven people dead including the perpetrator responsible for the tragic event. There was another 13 people that were wounded in the attack. In my personal opinion and all this is freestyle writing with minimum research to help back up what I talk about. I believe that there should be background checks and laws put to keep gun control and people who owned to make sure there handling the rights of others to not be killed by foul play by others or accidents to keep guns of all kinds locked up safe. 

I saw the talk show when Pier Morgan who was fired of too much talk of Anti gun on his show on CNN. He has his right to his opinion and conviction of the powerful effect of lost kids being killed by guns. I respect that I agree. There should be strict gun laws to protect other people from crime and their right to live. What i don’t agree to is that to take all guns away. That was one of the few things he had stated. I understand why he want that who wouldn’t. But the 2nd Amendment was written for those rights as well and that’s the right to bare arms. That cannot be ignored. Another thing he talked about was the Mental health of a Individual. But when it comes to gun control and mental health those are two different subjects. Like I stated I lost my right to the 2nd Amendment I am a convicted criminal. But should they use a mental test as well beside back grounds? No I do not agree to someone be given a evaluation of there state of mind unless already proven cause of there wrong doings and or past documented events that are violent and already deemed a threat or can be a threat to society but can function among us while on prescribed medication. A background check yes to see if they lost the right to bare arms do to being convicted felons like me. If that was the case there be no use for the 2nd Amendment for the Government will over throw peoples right based on that issue alone. That is wrong. 

There are different types of mental issues that are server and non server at all. I believe that gun control can be handle without violating peoples right to bare arms and as well as rest assure that we can protect those in school massacres and can be protected but both training and education by the government as well as armed security in all schools. And everyone be happy then right? Like the NRA did a controversial commercial that pointed out the president children they have armed guards why cant our children be protected too or is our kids not as important as the presidents? Shit no way Obama’s children are not separate when it comes to the worlds children being protected at all cost during these type of crimes. As long as the 2nd Amendment is remembered.  Not every one shoots or kills people with guns and although I personally lost a lot of friends and family to gun violence I believe in the 2nd Amendment. Gesh what is everyone trying to do start a Civil war with Anti guns protectors and the Right to bare arms?


7 dead in drive-by shootings near UC Santa Barbara May 24, 2014, 5:59 AM By Adolfo Flores  The L.A Times

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Piers Morgan Departs CNN as ‘Breaking News! There Is None!’ Becomes Company Policy Posted:  04/01/2014 9:31 am EDT    Updated:  04/01/2014 9:59 am EDT   
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NRA Winning the Influence Battle Over Gun Control

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May 7
My Lost World turned 1 today!

My Lost World turned 1 today!

May 3
25 years ago when I ran over my ex wife I was a alcoholic. Thanks to A.A and that car killing my ex wife Im a happy man:)

25 years ago when I ran over my ex wife I was a alcoholic. Thanks to A.A and that car killing my ex wife Im a happy man:)

Love Not Real

I was that person that always laughed at people and talked shit about cause they were “sprung” over a women. When in reality they was in love with a women. I was always that person outside the inner box of having a love life for I havnt experience that deep inner emotion. I never been in love with two people at once Iam skeptical of that or even if its possible and just a feeling of how people seems to think what it is or dont love the other at all just dont realize it. With that said I have never been in a situation like that dosent mean it cant happen.

Let me rewind back for I went off track with two different topics that are different thoughts in my mind. Like I said I always thought love to be something in books that we read or hopeless romantics wanting to desperately want to have as if heroin to a addicted. Kinda like wishful thinking. But I have experience it late in life and it has taken my life by my neck as if hanging from a tree waiting to die of it but still living. It can be very strong as well over powering and cause so much pain.

That even when the one you love gets with another your still there for them cause you love them that much rather you think you end up back with them or not. You deal with the pain that you lost them and know its over but always reminded when you hear their voice or see their face how much you love them. That even tho you are at a great lost you dont know how to let go and stop the love from growing everyday. That you find your self stuck in a time of “what was” instead of “what is”.

I am no longer laughing for its not a laughing matter. I am a believer. I make no jokes. For I love someone very much even tho they are not with me.

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